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Perry’s Trumpcare Vote Reprehensible

Age Tax, $800 Billion Medicaid Cut Target Seniors and Those With Disabilities

YORK, PA — Today, following the House’s passage of Trumpcare, the Democratic Party of York County released the following statement:

“The actions taken today by Scott Perry and the Republican Party in Congress in passing Trumpcare are reprehensible and clearly not in the best interest of the people of Pennsylvania and the nation. The callous actions of the GOP have put the health care in jeopardy for millions of Pennsylvanian’s, including tens of thousands who are stricken by pre-existing conditions.  Many of those feeling the deepest cuts from the passage of this legislation are those who were born afflicted with these conditions and are in no way a reflection of their lifestyle. These individuals are being punished by the GOP out of sheer vindictiveness and petty partisan politics.”

“Cuts to Medicaid will also effect special education in our school districts throughout the nation. Much needed funded for special education programs comes from Medicaid assistance and now thousands of our most vulnerable citizens, our children, will suffer due to the passage of this measure”

“Scott Perry and the GOP should be ashamed of this bill and ashamed of their actions.  At no point in time did they consider the reprehensible actions they were bestowing on millions of Americans. Out of their need to get vengeance on Democrats, the party single-handedly passed one of the most hurtful measures in United States history. Rest assured, the billions cut from health care will not land in the accounts of the hard working people of York County.  Instead, those dollars will benefit the wealthy, top elite in our country. Scott Perry needs to be held accountable for his actions by the voters of the 4th Congressional District.”


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