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Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 16th is Primary Day in Pennsylvania.  As York Countians go to the polls to vote, you will find many races are cross filed, meaning both Democrats and Republicans are listed on both side of the ballot.  In one particular case, the Court of Common Pleas, you will find a whole list of candidates, of which only one is a registered Democrat…SANDRA THOMPSON!

We encourage Democrats throughout the county to vote for Sandra. While you have the ability to choose three candidates, we ask that Democrats only select Sandra’s name on the ballot. If you have Republican friends, family, etc., encourage them to also vote for Sandra on the R ballot as well.


“I am a single mother, solo practitioner, who worked for everything that I have achieved. I worked through high school, college, and through law school with two young children.  I worked to put those two children through college. As a Judge, I will strive to make the world better one decision at a time. I would take each individual and each case on its merits to help those involved to understand that with hard work they can overcome their circumstances.”
  • Since 2000, I have represented both the County and defendants, prosecuting and defending offenses including drugs, robbery, assault, and homicide to traffic violations, as I was a former York County Public Defender, former York County prosecutor, and I have been engaged in criminal defense through my own practice since 2003.
  • Since 2003, my office, Law Office of Sandra Thompson, LLC at 351 E. Princess St., also serves clients for family, criminal, civil, landlord tenant, contract, and civil rights issues in magisterial courts, state courts and federal courts from Central Pennsylvania to Philadelphia.
  • Besides my legal experience, I have thirty years of community service in York from tutoring and mentoring youth, serving on numerous Boards of community organizations, engaging in resource think tanks, and engaging in advocacy for public education, voting rights, healthcare, and a higher minimum wage.  I am a former Board member of the York County Bar Association and member of the York County Truancy Task Force.  I am a current member of the York Opioid Collaborative and other coalitions that address the ills that lead to broken families and criminal activity. 

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