This Is Not Normal

I once worked in an organization that was plagued by the presence of a malignant narcissist.

It was a mind numbingly chaotic experience.  Each day was marked with a predictably unpredictable crisis.  Those daily catastrophes were invariably generated by the resident narcissist.  Braggadocio, bald-faced lies, schoolyard bullying, ineptitude, and vengeance were the order of the day.

Each morning I dreaded making the turn into my office parking space.  As I walked through the door I cringed at the thought of what might await us that day.  Our attrition rate was phenomenal.  My remaining colleagues reported suffering sleepless nights and bouts of anxiety related to work.

We were all trying to be decent people as we attempted to treat the narcissist as we ourselves wished to be treated.  In turn, our efforts to establish normal working relationships were met with increasing contempt.

Eventually we came to the hard won conclusion that our situation was abnormal.  We also concluded that if our lives were to improve, we would have to take responsibility and enlist the help of management to find a meaningful solution.

Management initially dismissed our initial complaint as a simple intra-office personality conflict.  However, after a period of repeated disasters, they came to recognize the caustic nature of our narcissistic coworker.  He was reprimanded and, in a howling pique of righteous indignation, left the organization.

Sound familiar?

Each morning as I read the news I feel the same sense of dread I experienced walking through the office doors of that organization.  I cringe as I wonder what bit of made for reality television drama Donald Trump will visit upon the world stage today.  I suffer sleepless nights worrying about ineptitude at the highest level of our government.  I commiserate with my friends about the uncertain future of the country and the people I love.  I wonder why the media is insistent on viewing this malignant presidency through the lens of normality.

If this republic is to survive this current threat, it will only be because the people of this nation come to recognize that this is not normal.  Donald Trump is a deeply disturbed individual.  He is patently unfit to execute the duties of the office which he currently occupies.

Malignant narcissists endlessly create chaos and strife to keep the spotlight upon themselves.  They demand complete and total loyalty, yet are incapable of honoring others.  They live in constant frustration as they ham-fistedly struggle to portray all their actions, especially their undeniable failures, as grandiose personal victories.

They key to dealing with them is to recognize that they are deeply disturbed individuals and then remove them from any office in which their actions can negatively affect others.

The citizens and legislators of this republic will hopefully come to this same realization before it is too late.


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