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There is no other word for it…deplorable!

Let me begin this by saying my thoughts are with those injured and with the families of those killed in the violence during the hate filled rallies in Virginia today. The acts and senselessness that led to today’s violence should be condemned by every person in this nation and should be seen as acts of domestic terrorism at the highest levels.

There is no other way to describe what we have seen other than as deplorable. It is gullible to believe that after the election of our first African American president that hate and bigotry would be erased, but there was hope that it was on the right path of healing. Today, after 6 months of the new administration, we can clearly see the hate was simply masked and has now had the veil lifted in Trump’s America. Whether or not he is a racist himself, he has proven to bring out the vilest, nastiest, and most hatefilled undetones in this country and rather than do something to extinguish them, he has thrown gasoline on to the flames and watched as they consume this nation.

And to believe this couldn’t happen elsewhere in the US, is incredibly naive. Here in York County these undertones have been bubbling up for years and when volunteers of the DPOYC had racial slurs hurled at them at various events last year during the presidential campaign, it was obvious that party was not a factor, but simply the color of one’s skin.  In many cases, it was not a Hilary vs. Trump issue, it was specifically a black and white issue. And now, as we see this hatefulness unfurled in all of its horrific nature in VA, one can only speculate how long it will be until it hits our county. When will we see these atrocities hit PA and York County? Our “leaders” have done nothing to squash this rhetoric.  If anything, people like Senator Wagner, Rep. Perry and others have only enhanced the volatility  and hate felt by York County residents.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever, we have to realize our world is not a safe place right now. Our new America is embroiled in hate and we are being plunged further and further back in the history pages and we are being forced to watch as our brother s and sisters around us, our friends and neighbors, live in uncertainty and constant fear.

We, as people, have to work to make this a better place to live. We have to work to ensure that the acts of terrorism seen in VA today are put to an abrupt end. We must end this constant arguing and defiling of each other’s beliefs.

Before it is too late.


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